Wildlife Killing Contests

By Nancy A Camorati

A wildlife killing contest is an event whereby prizes are given to participants who kill the most of a specific species of wildlife. Prizes are given for the most killed, the largest, smallest, ugliest etc. Contests are generally sponsored by hunting supply stores and gun shops. Targeted animals can be coyotes, foxes, bobcats, rabbits, squirrels, crows, ground hogs and more. Thousands are killed each year where these contests are legal in 43 states.
The participants are allowed to use any means to attract their prey including baiting, cruel traps, scenting, calling and spotlights. Participants have an unfair advantage that does not provide for a fair chase. Unsportsmanlike practices, unfair advantages and no limits go against all sense of sport. It is a pure blood sport for the enjoyment of a few at the expense of innocent animals. Proponents often cite overpopulation, damage to livestock, crops as their justification.
It is scientifically proven that these ‘cullings’ do nothing to control the perceived overpopulation of the targeted species. They also do nothing to increase the number of desired species to hunt for example deer and turkeys. Targeted species rebound quickly as more food is available to the survivors. They may also mate at an earlier age and have more offspring each litter to replenish the natural balance of an ecosystem.
There is a movement afoot to outlaw these cruel contests. The Humane Society of the United States is lobbying in NYS to get a bill passed, and has been for 10 years. To learn more about this issue go to [email protected] and request the HSUS booklet titled ‘Wildlife Killing Contests: A guide to ending the blood sport in your community’

In addition, to keep up with the bills in the NYS Senate and Assembly, go to

The Assembly companion bill is A2917 , go to There you will be give an opportunity to contact to vote in favor of these important bills. You can also contact your senator and your assembly member directly from this website. If you wish, there are sample letters in the HSUS booklet, or you can just vote in favor.

Lobbying for Animals

Albany, NY: Humane Lobby Day

The Humane Society of the United States and various other organizations with a NYS presence hold an annual Humane Lobby Day.

This is an exciting opportunity to meet directly with your elected officials and their staff about legislation that will significantly impact animals. Prior to lobbying, HSUS holds a briefing with tips for lobbying, and an overview of pending animal legislation which will prepare you to meet your elected officials and advocate for animal

[email protected]