Protect Animals & The Earth

Since 1982, People for Animal Rights of CNY have continued this grassroots work to protect animals and the Earth. We derive almost all of our income from membership dues and donations.

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Getting Involved

Save an Animal. Save the Earth.


We are a local group that educates about animal rights and protecting the Earth.

We host vegan meals, bring in speakers on a variety of topics, have a legislative network, produce a newsletter and other material, conduct peaceful demonstrations and are available to provide educational material and speakers to schools, colleges, religious congregations, community organizations and others.

What We Do

We put this to work by producing our newsletter (mailed to members and dropped off at many locations), paying a modest fee to speakers for our public education events, buying films for those events, and paying for the usual administrative necessities (phone, stamps, poster board for demonstrations, etc.)

Members and their guests are invited to our vegan socials. You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to participate and enjoy the tasty food and good company.

Fighting For Animal Rights

Our Mission

People for Animals Rights (PAR) is a grassroots organization formed in 1982 and working in the Syracuse area on local, statewide and national animal rights issues. PAR is dedicated to radical, nonviolent change to reduce the exploitation of nonhuman animals by humans. PAR is also dedicated to protecting the Earth, which sustains us all.

Human overpopulation is a major factor in the extinction of other species. Overconsumption and waste of natural resources, especially by the “OVER-developed” nations such as the U.S., threaten our planet. It is apparent that changes in human thinking, as fundamental as those which abolished slavery, are necessary.